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How do I order a sample or desk copy?

  1. Search for the title or browse through our subject lists to find a book that will suit your course
  2. Click on the ‘Request Sample Copy’ button underneath the book cover
  3. Login or register and follow the steps to complete your order
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What is the difference between a sample copy and a desk copy?

Sample copy textbooks (also known as exam copies, inspection copies and evaluation copies) are for lecturers looking for set texts or primary reading for their courses.

We send books free of charge so you can review their suitability for a course. Instead of payment we ask for feedback on books and confirmation of whether they will be used in your teaching.

Desk copy textbooks are free copies you may be eligible for if you have already adopted a book but haven't got a copy for yourself.

We review every request for sample/desk copies and will let you know if we need more information or are unable to send them.

Am I eligible for a sample copy?

Although we do our best to provide sample copies to all who need them, unfortunately not all lecturers are eligible for a free sample - please review our terms and conditions for more information.

We review each case on an individual basis. Unfortunately, we might not be able to fulfill your request if you live outside of these countries. If you can't find your country in the list, we might need to ask for proof of adoption.

There isn't a 'request sample copy' button

Unfortunately, not all of our books are available to sample but we may still be able to send you a copy.

First, please make sure you can find the book on our site.

If you can find the book, but it does not have the 'request a sample' button, please email us with the details below:
  • The name(s) of the instructor(s) teaching on the course
  • The academic address to which the book should be sent
  • The book title, author and ISBN
  • Course/module name, start date number of students per year
  • If you are adopting the book, please include the adoption type (e.g. Essential/One of Two/Recommended or Background reading)

I didn't request a sample, why am I being sent one?

Sometimes your local rep will send you sample copies for your inspection. If these copies are not useful for your course or if you would like to opt out of this service, please let us know. Click here to see who is the local rep in your area.

I want to review a book for my publication, how can I order a copy?/ I need a press copy

If you are a journalist, a book reviewer, or a review editor at a publication we might be able to send you a copy for review. Please email customerrelations@macmillaneducation.com with your full publication details and the ISBN of the book you wish to review. Please note that we require you send us a copy of the review upon publication.

How do I access my ebook sample?

To access your ebook(s), simply follow the next steps:

1. Sign in to your account on VitalSource
2. Open the tab Publisher Recommendations
3. Find the book and click on Add to Library
4. Click on Read now to open your book!

New to VitalSource? Please register first using your academic email address. Please note personal email accounts will not be able to receive ebook sample copies and sample copies will only be viewable online. You will not be able to download your samples to your Bookshelf app.