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iClicker is a versatile solution that can enhance teaching and learning in whichever discipline you teach. Our case studies show how instructors from a broad range of subject areas use it in their classrooms.


Sciences | Engineering, Maths and Statistics | Social Sciences | Arts and Humanities | Health


Biology: Jeff Carmichael - University of North Dakota
"I was able to monitor the class’s understanding of course material, and students were able to think about the material in a way that they would need to do during exams.”

Chemistry: David Anderson, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs
“iClickers have revolutionized my lectures by providing more interactivity and timely feedback in the classroom.”

Physics: Marllin L. Simon, Auburn University
“Using clickers in the classroom forced me to create not only correct answers to questions but well thought-out incorrect answers designed to elucidate misconceptions among students.”

Science Labs: Mark Baillie et al. University of Delaware
“Using iClicker instead of pen and paper to capture student responses during lab saves our team a considerable amount of time. It also gives us a fair and consistent measure for lab preparedness, with the opportunity to provide immediate feedback.”

Engineering, Maths and Statistics

Engineering: John Falconer, University of Colorado-Boulder
“Classroom attendance is higher now that I use iClicker, and feedback from the students is very positive. A large proportion of the students in anonymous end-of-the-semester surveys list clickers as the best part of the course. More students ask questions,…

Statistics: Jennifer J. Kaplan, Michigan State University
“Clickers allow me to collect, share, and use student data as part of my classroom presentations and activities. This information has the potential to not only apply concepts to real-world situations but also to capture student interest in a way…

Social Sciences

Economics: Carl Liedholm, Michigan State University
“In the past, when I posed questions directly to individual students, many would freeze and panic. With clickers, students are now engaged with a “relaxed alertness” because they can answer questions anonymously.”

Political Science: Mitchell Brown PhD, Auburn University
“Because clickers made it simple to give and grade weekly quizzes, I met my goal of regularly assessing student learning and providing prompt feedback. With this information, I could adjust lectures and discussions as needed to ensure that important concepts…

Business Administration: Michael Preis, PhD, University of Illinois
“The clickers helped to increase classroom attendance, as well as motivating students to read their textbooks.”
Business Administration: Michael Preis, PhD, University of Illinois

Sociology: Angel Hoekstra, University of Colorado Boulder
“In one-page, optional, anonymous free writes about the use of clickers in this class, many students affirmed that clickers can be used to promote greater participation and solidarity as compared to traditional lecture courses.”
Sociology: Angel Hoekstra, University of Colorado Boulder

Education: Bill Fisk, Eugene T. Moore School of Education, Clemson University
“This methodology helped me move student understanding from simply the knowledge and comprehension levels to the application and even analysis levels.”
Education: Bill Fisk, Clemson University

Arts and Humanities

Languages and Humanities: Joyce de Vries, Auburn University
“Students enjoyed using clickers and saw them as ‘fun,’ so they were more animated in class. In addition, students liked being asked their opinions and were eager to share their thought processes.”

Arts: Allan Carlsen, Phil Duker and Sandy McVey, University of Delaware
“Whether polling hundreds of students or monitoring the cognition of a small class, the iClicker system provides the flexibility and reliability faculty require.”


Nursing: Deborah Fulmer, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
“This type of tool provides a rare opportunity to excite students about learning and inspire them to take ownership of their own education.”
Nursing: Deborah Fulmer, University of Arkansas-Fort Smith
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