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Textbooks in Policy Studies

Series editors: Paul Cairney

There has never been a more important time in which to understand the dynamics of public policy. Key events across the globe have prompted debate about political crisis, from ‘post truth’ and emotionally-driven politics to the sense that international institutions or agreements are not well-equipped to solve pressing global crises such as public health epidemics, poverty and climate change. Yet, a key feature of policy studies is the identification and explanation of policy-making stability and policy continuity, with salient issues gathering most of our attention while most issues are processed out of the public spotlight. A major problem for democracy is that few people know about the choices governments make in their name. We need as many perspectives as possible on how such policy dynamics operate, and what effect they have on developments in different regions and policy areas. Such developments will not be covered fully by research monographs, with a limited focus and audience. We also need textbooks which combine academic rigour with a broad analytical focus and an appeal to a wide audience. 

This series helps develop this focus on research and learning, serving the global market of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional education in public policy and related disciplines such as political science and social policy. 

Editorial Advisory Group: Jennifer Curtin; Jordi Diez; Claire Dunlop; Tanya Heikkila; Karin Ingold; Allan McConnell; Daniel Nohrstedt; Jale Tosun; Chris Weible